About the prize

A not-for-profit entity called Environmental Music Limited. Directors are Edwina Floch, Matthew Dent and Christina Chun. A pro-bono Advisory Council with subject matter expertise is helping to guide the project and accelerate impact. See the people involved in the ‘About Us’ section.

The initial funding for the project has been provided by a few kind supporters who believe in the power of music to inspire collective action: Edwina Floch, The Ferris Family and Lucy Anderson. We invite others to join us.

The Prize is being run in partnership with Green Music Australia who are our DGR1 Charity Partner and also our Impact Partner.

This project is being run by a pro-bono team and is entirely philanthropically funded. 

However there are hard costs and without further funding we will not be able to deliver on our bold vision to build an impact ecosystem where artists are rewarded, supported and trained to engage more strategically on environmental issues. 

We would greatly value your support and seek values-aligned partners to: 

Make a tax-deductible donation to increase the significance of the prize, build strategic partnerships and scale quickly.
– Individuals, trusts and corporations: donate into the PRIZE SUB-FUND at Australian Communities Foundation

– Private and Public Auxiliary Funds: donate through Green Music Australia (contact us first)

Sponsor the prize or additional activities (Strategy and Budget available on request).

Become an Impact Partner to share the playlist of shortlisted songs and environmental stories with your network.

Contribute your time, talent or connections.
Contact Edwina :

Participating in the Prize

Yes but you will need your parents to sign and return the following consent form.

You need to have contributed to the songwriting of the entered song to apply.
We only accept one entrant per song. Please ensure your co-writers have agreed and authorised the submission of your song into this competition. We can supply you with consent forms for this purpose.

If you win, you would be deemed the sole winner and any eventuating prizes would be divided amongst your co-writers at your discretion.

Songwriters who have no current PRO affiliation may apply. However if your original songs are being broadcast on TV/Radio, streamed or downloaded for sale online or performed live in a public venue, you might consider joining a PRO to ensure that you collect your songwriting royalties.

We recognise that both environmental issues and music are global and we hope to open to international entrants in future rounds. For the inaugural prize we will focus on our home country Australia as a cultural shift is required to accelerate the adoption of sound environmental policy.

Please follow us on socials and join our mailing list (including your country on the signup form) to receive updates on future launches. 

Submitting an entry

A maximum of two. Choose your best and most aligned work. We are committed to showcasing a diverse range of styles so it is unlikely the shortlisting committee would select two videos by the same artists.

No, you retain all rights to your song. We may use your song for promotional purposes only, including on our website and social media, or in a promotional video. We will share the link to your music video with media and partners and create playlists for the purposes of highlighting the song.
Please review the
TERMS & CONDITIONS before entering.

They will be looking for compelling and memorable pieces of art that create connection and inspire action. Key parts of this are: 

  • Songwriting and lyrics
  • Delivery and ability to create connection
  • Visual communication through video and image

The Prize is open to unsigned artists and we do not expect recording studio sound from everyone. We also accept recordings of live performances where sound is not always perfect.

However, since the aim is to have 10 songs that are ready to be listened to and widely shared, if the recording is very poor it is less likely to resonate with the Shortlisting Committee and voting public.