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Amplifying the voices of artists who inspire action for climate and conservation.

We Are At a Crucial MomEnt in history.

One that requires us to change our behaviour rapidly and move billions of people from apathy to action.

What if we unleashed the power of music to conquer hearts and minds?

Inspiring millions to defend the fragile ecosystems that sustain all life on earth.

What if next Summer’s anthem was one that inspired us to do better?

One that empowered the people demanding climate justice so we preserve nature for our children.


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He generously donated his $20,000 prize to four grassroots organisations:
– Environs Kimberley
– Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue
– The Forever Reef Project
– Save Sunshine Glossies

The 2022 Winners, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, also donated their $20,000 Prize to The Wilderness Society.


22 songs were selected by Environmental Leaders, Music Ambassadors and Impact Partners for their ability to connect us to nature, make us reflect and inspire us to take action for climate and conservation. 

They reflect a rich diversity of musical styles, moods and attitudes, as well as Australia’s vibrant multicultural society. 
Read about the songs and the artists’ motivations on their Artist pages. 

You can also discover the 2022 Finalists in menu above.

Three people riding horses looking out into the sunset
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Back On Country

Troy Cassar-Daley

To bring all of us together around the one fire and one responsibility that is to care and respect the land we walk on

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An emotional response after Australia bore witness to the worst bushfires we have ever seen

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Being Human

Jen Cloher

A rally to Australians to give land back to the True Owners

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Change Has To Come


A call to arms to work together for change

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End Of The World


Exploring the power of humans to create change and friendship in the face of climate collapse

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Forever After


A healing hike through the Grampians

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Georgia Mae

The soundtrack to your climate change anxiety; an ode to mother earth and a gentle reminder to look after her

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A call to nature

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Golden Chains

Hazel Mei

A fiery, bond-esque climate action anthem fuelled by heart and hope

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Lady Blue

Emily Wurramara

A dedication to the sea

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Losing Wild

Anya Anastasia

Solidarity with the natural world under threat

A hand placed on a rock
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Wildfire Manwurrk

An intimate glimpse into remote Stone Country Arnhem Lands Culture Heritage and Rock Art

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King Stingray

About the power of passing on knowledge – “to show, share and pass on knowledge through stories and song”.

Three band members staring towards camera. Two are playing guitars
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Rising Seas

Midnight Oil

A nightmare vision of a hypothetical future, not in a parallel universe but our backyard

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Singing Up Country

Kutcha Edwards

Country and culture transcend time and place and should be respected

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Smoke And Mirrors

Beckah Amani

A song lamenting toxic overconsumption of fast fashion to the detriment of our environment and future

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Stoney Creek

Xavier Rudd

Stripping back the noise and chaos of society, nature remains as the one true source of existence

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The Godwit And Curlew

The Bowerbird Collective

An ode to to the magic and mystery of migratory shorebirds

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Ziggy Alberts

Inspired by people’s willingness to come together in the face of environmental and social challenges

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An exploration of using one’s voice as a vessel for change

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Meraki Mae

A community-driven plea for climate justice

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Willow Tree

Tash Sultana feat. Jerome Farah

Grappling with inner turmoil and the struggle to find inner peace and self-acceptance

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How do I vote?

  1. Watch the music videos.
  2. Choose 3 that resonate for you.
  3. Submit your vote.
  4. Share your favourites to inspire others.


Learn more about the ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC prize

Christiana Figueres, the Former U.N. Climate Chief  who headed the Paris Climate Agreement and now Chairs The Earthshot Prize, introduced the ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC PRIZE to her global audience on Earth Day 2022.
She invited climate-conscious citizens around the world to watch the music videos, vote for those that resonated and share to activate others. 

There was strong media interest and our local Environmental and Impact Partners further amplified ensuring that 50,000 people from 58 countries came to this site to engage with these meaningful songs. 

Going forward, every Earth Day, we’ll share the songs selected by Environmental Leaders to: 

  • Reflect their hopes, fears and ambitions
  • Focus media attention on engaged artists, powerful songs and environmental issues. 
  • Drive high audience engagement through deep connection and compelling content
  • Highlight the work of scientists,  community groups and frontline organisations
  • Accelerate the cultural shift required for bold ambition and action during this crucial decade




“We need messages of hope – ones that touch us deeply, capture our imagination and enable us to dream big. By focusing the creative genius of many songwriters, singers, musicians and content creators on environmental issues, and by partnering with aligned organisations and community groups, we hope to propel a few climate anthems into the mainstream and empower a diverse group of artists to activate their audiences..”

– Edwina Floch, Founder of The Environmental Music Prize

Impact Partner

Green Music Australia

“Many artists have written about their love of nature or used their platforms to support a worthy cause. Individual actions are great, but there is strength and strategy in coming together.

The Environmental Music Prize will bolster our work greening the music industry by attracting new artists and empowering them to use their cultural influence to speak up and sing out on climate.

We are witnessing a wave of environmentalism. This exciting initiative will add more songs to the soundtrack and provide opportunities for artists to speak with a coordinated voice for maximum impact.”

– Berish Blander, CEO of Green Music Australia

Impact Partner


“Forging solutions to the accelerating climate and environmental crises requires us to put everything on the table – from simple to complex, from individual to systemic, from technological to imaginative.

Let’s not forget that art, music and poetry are some of the most effective forms of protest:  they change our minds, move our hearts and spur us into action. Action now is all of our responsibility, so it is with great excitement that Outrage & Optimism is partnering with the Environmental Music Prize.”

– Christiana Figueres DBE, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Paris Climate Agreement), Co-Founder of Global Optimism, Chair of The Earthshot Prize, Author of ‘The Future We Choose : Surviving the Climate Crisis’



“I’m getting behind the Environmental Music Prize because I know !irst-hand that songs can be weapons for personal change, and if this prize can encourage even one more artist to call out injustice and write fearlessly about the change they want to see in the world, at this critical turning point in history, then it deserves all the support we can muster.

John Lennon said that sometimes political messages need a bit of honey to connect.

When I was building FEAT. as a way for artists to join the clean energy revolution, Anohni’s song ‘4 Degrees’ was a song that connected the climate science dots in a way that graphs had failed to do. She sang about wanting to see the world boil. It’s a brutal message but it became my soundtrack and an emotional fuel source I would tap into when I needed a boost of grit and determination.”

– Heidi Lenffer, Singer / Songwriter of Cloud Control, Founder of FEAT (Future Energy Artists) solar investment fund and sustainability surcharge ‘Solar Slice’.
Recipient of the 2019 Triple J ‘You Done Good’ Award and ‘SMAC of the YEAR’.



Concerned about climate change and the way we’re destroying irreplaceable ecosystems, I’ve been on a massive personal journey: getting informed, changing my lifestyle, going to protests, speaking out and supporting great organisations and people along the way.

In 2019 I brought that into my music and wrote ‘READY’ as a call-to-arms. It features incredible school climate strikers who are literally fighting for their future.

I’m proud to be a Music Ambassador for The Environmental Music Prize as it’s the opportunity to reach out to my peers and for us to bring people together. We can use our voices in a powerful way that reminds others of the beauty of the world and that also helps the scientists and environmental organisations who deserve more attention..”

– Award-winning Singer / Songwriter of climate anthem ‘READY’, Australia’s 2021 Eurovision entry



“Music has the power to open minds and inspire change as it echoes through our bodies and over this amazing planet.

The Environmental Music Prize will encourage storytellers to delve into this topic more fully. Sometimes we need reminders to stretch into new spaces.

I truly believe that creativity that inspires change is the most essential art there is, and the most important art to make. I hope my fellow creative community consider it a calling.”

– Anna Lunoe, DJ, Producer, Vocalist, Podcast Host of ‘danceXL’ and ‘Create Destroy’

Impact Partner


“We have all the science and solutions we need, and a vast majority of the Australian people want action on the climate emergency.

What matters now is putting the pressure on the politicians and the business leaders to act and we cannot underestimate the power of great songs to do just that.

Since the very first concert for Greenpeace in 1970, music has been a huge part of who we are, so we are thrilled to see the launch of The Environmental Music Prize and delighted that more talented artists will be lending their voice and influence to shift Australia towards a better future.”

– David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia