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Amplifying the voices of artists who inspire action for climate and conservation.

We Are At a Crucial MomEnt in history.

One that requires us to change our behaviour rapidly and move billions of people from apathy to action.

What if we unleashed the power of music to conquer hearts and minds?

Inspiring millions to defend the fragile ecosystems that sustain all life on earth.

What if next Summer’s anthem was one that inspired us to do better?
One that empowered the people demanding climate justice so we preserve nature for our children.


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Addicted To The Sunshine

Get up off your towel and respect the sunshine and the environment that we all love!

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Can't Take The Ocean Out Of Me

A love song to Mother Ocean, an anthem for protection of our coastline, a celebration of the intrinsic connection to our oceanic source.

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Hello My Beautiful World

A spoken word love letter to the planet.

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Hey Wanhaka

A love story of planet earth – the Lorrpu (white cockatoo) is sending out a message to all humans, celebrating culture, life, nature and a love for the land and sea.

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Frustration with our dud prime ministers inaction

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If Not Now Then When

A rhetorical warped groove into post-eco apocalypse – if not now, then when do we act?

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In Love With This Place

I’m in love with this place, if I could show you your heart would change.

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Messin' Me Up

A broody crescendo of energy, at a poignant moment in human history.

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A powerful song that calls for urgency in addressing climate change.

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Our Song

A community-driven song that you stream for a greener planet, with all royalties going to Wild Ark

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Port Road

This is a portal. This is a chance. An opportunity to make real change.

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Say Something

A call-to-action for climate and reminder that everyone has a voice they can use.

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Sky Was Blue - The Bushfire Song

A 31-day bushfire meditation vigil during the Black Summer fires birthed this song

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Sleep Australia Sleep

A lullaby that laments climate inaction.

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Ta'u Tama

What will we tell our children if we fail to protect the planet?

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The Night

My dream is to share a childlike appreciation of the natural world around me through
music. This song about a heartbroken alien observing earth from outer space.

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The Truth

A passionate call-to-action on climate change from the voice of youth.

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The voices of the youth are rising, and so is the temperature

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We Are The Youth

Apocalypse pop, inspired by the past and future but made for now.

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What If

What if it depends on me and you to fix the climate crisis?

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When A Tree Falls

When a tree falls in the rainforest and no-ones around does it make a sound?

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World Migratory Bird Day Virtual Choir

A ballad of bittersweet reflection on one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena, shorebird migration.

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Worldwide Suicide

Ecocide is Suicide

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Your Country

Taking control of our own future is essential for survival and as part of that we must make government and corporations leave behind greed and embrace symbiosis with nature.

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Impact Partner

Green Music Australia

“Many artists have written about their love of nature or used their platforms to support a worthy cause. Individual actions are great, but there is strength and strategy in coming together.

The Environmental Music Prize will bolster our work greening the music industry by attracting new artists and empowering them to use their cultural influence to speak up and sing out on climate.

We are witnessing a wave of environmentalism. This exciting initiative will add more songs to the soundtrack and provide opportunities for artists to speak with a coordinated voice for maximum impact.”

– Berish Blander, CEO of Green Music Australia

Impact Partner


“We have all the science and solutions we need, and a vast majority of the Australian people want action on the climate emergency.

What matters now is putting the pressure on the politicians and the business leaders to act and we cannot underestimate the power of great songs to do just that.

Since the very first concert for Greenpeace in 1970, music has been a huge part of who we are, so we are thrilled to see the launch of The Environmental Music Prize and delighted that more talented artists will be lending their voice and influence to shift Australia towards a better future.”

– David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia