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2024 PRIZE


Launched in November 2021 during the U.N. Climate Summit (COP26), the PRIZE aims to recognise and reward artists who create exceptional music videos that celebrate the beauty of nature and our connection to it.

We support artists to use their voice strategically, both on and off stage, by providing finalists with:

  • Recognition of their ability to connect to fans through their songwriting and recorded work.
  • Media opportunities for artists to talk about their songs and connect to wider audiences.
  • Opportunities to perform and speak at events. 
  • Music Climate Leadership Workshops where they get to hear from and engage with environmental leaders. 

By empowering talented artists and engaging, energising and activating audiences through music,  we create a cultural shift that accelerates change and supports the broad goals of the environmental movement.



  • Aims to reward artists who are able to touch and mobilise their fans and members of the public around environmental issues.
  • Voting is open to people of all nationalities and our reach is global – in 2022, people from 58 countries participated and 59 in 2023.
  • Each person is invited to select the 3 songs that touched them most – the Finalist that receives the most votes wins the prize.

    This year’s PRIZE will be crowd-funded through Pozible.
    If you believe in the power of music to move hearts and minds, please support the campaign in exchange for eco-conscious rewards.
    Or make a tax-deductible donation.


  • A new sub-prize has been created thanks to Impressed Recordings.
  • They will invite the unsigned artist of their choice to press a vinyl album that is 92% carbon reduced.
  • The 100 copies are valued at $2,500. They can be sold by the artist as they wish, or through Impressed.


  • There is no ‘best’ climate anthem or song that celebrates nature – we need many songs and styles to move different people, at different times.
  • We’re inviting values aligned-organisations to support the creation of new sub-prizes.
    These will be announced at the same time as the winner, thus benefiting from strong media interest.
    If you’d like to be involved, please reach out.


Entries are open to Australian citizens and residents who have released an original song and music video between 1 January 2023 – 22 April 2024. 

Submitted works must:

  • Reference nature or an environmental issue in its lyrics, or in the visual content of its music video.
  • Connect us to the natural world, encourage us to reflect, or inspire us to protect the environment.
    (This could be a celebration of nature, message of hope, moment of reflection or call-to-action)
  • Be submitted as a music video on Youtube that is publicly available to watch and share.


Entries Open
March 13, Wednesday

EARTH DAY : Entries Close
April 22, Monday

Finalists Announced + Public Voting Opens
May 27, Monday

Voting Closes + Prize Crowdfunding Campaign ends
June 23, Sunday

Winner Announced


The Shortlisting Committee will be looking for compelling and memorable pieces of art that create connection and inspire action.

Key parts of this are: 

  • Songwriting and lyrics
  • Delivery and ability to create connection
  • Visual communication through video and image 
  • Ability to connect to audience

Finalists will represent: 

  • Talented artists who are invested in their art and have an engaged audience, regardless of size.
  • A diverse group of across ages and demographics reflecting Australia’s rich multicultural society and that we are all deeply connected to the natural world.
  • A mix of musical styles to engage a significant cross section of music fans.


We will have a large and diverse committee to reflect a variety of tastes, styles and perspectives.
The full committee will be confirmed over the coming weeks, but here some exciting names already confirmed… 


  • Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard  – Winners of the 2022 ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC PRIZE
  • Nidala Barker – Recipient of 2022 ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC PRIZE ‘Emerging Environmental Songwriter’ Award
  • Anna Lunoe – DJ, Producer, Vocalist and Apple Music Radio Host, Podcast Presenter
  • Jess Ribeiro – Singer, Songwriter, 2022 Prize Finalist  
  • Luke Bevans – Co-Founder of Impressed Recordings



  • Edwina Floch – Founder, Environmental Music Prize 
  • Berish Bilander – CEO, Green Music Australia
  • Clare Ainsworth Herschell – Co-Founder, Groundswell Giving
  • JoJo Ferris – Head of the Olympic Refuge Foundation + Director, Ferris Family Foundation
  • David Ritter – CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
  • Matthew Brennan – CEO, The Wilderness Society
  • Tim Silverwood – Co-Founder, Ocean Impact Organisation
  • Claire Maloney – Founder, The Bravery + Board, Comms Declare
  • Jenny Ringland – Founder, Green + Simple


Dr Joelle Gergis, Australia’s lead scientist for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report, and Author of ‘Humanity’s Moment: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope’ led our last Music Climate Leadership Workshop

She calls on artists to use their voice, talent and platform : 

It isn’t up to the scientific community to drive cultural change. We need our musicians, our artists, our teachers to use their communication skills and platforms. 

I was really excited to hear about the ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC PRIZE, because music has such an incredible way of meeting people in the private place of communion that they have with their own reflective thoughts and their engagement with the world.

The songs highlighted invite us to have a cultural conversation about the things we collectively value as a society. This is meaningful, because when enough people care, they can choose to remove the social licence for the continued destruction of our planetary system.”  


This is is more than a prize, it’s an ecosystem.


This is more than a prize, it’s an ecosystem and community.

  • The Network Effect
    By acting together, we are stronger than when we act alone.
  • Exposure to New Audiences for Your Song and Your Story 
    Our Impact Partners will be sharing the shortlisted songs inviting their audiences to watch, listen and vote.
    The voting period will see media, music industry, environmental groups and fans sharing the stories and the artists behind these environmentally engaging masterpieces across platforms including newsletters and social media. (Greenpeace alone has an audience of 1.2 million in Australia)
    Last year’s prize saw over 50+ media articles from Australia and international media outlets
  • Future engagement and training opportunities
    Finalists will receive ongoing invitations to join future workshops, presentation and training opportunities delivered by the Environmental Music Prize and impact partners.


What is considered Environmental Music?
Music that connects us to nature, makes us reflect and want to protect our living ecosystems and their amazing biodiversity. Environmental Music can come in all styles and genres. Check out our 2022 Finalists and their artist pages for more information on what inspired them to write the song.


Can I apply if I’m under 18?
Yes but you will need your parents to sign and return the following consent form.

If my song is co-written, can I still apply?
You need to have contributed to the songwriting of the entered song to apply. We only accept one entrant per song.
Please ensure your co-writers have agreed and authorised the submission of your song into this competition. We can supply you with consent forms for this purpose.
If you win, you would be deemed the sole winner and any eventuating prizes would be divided amongst your co-writers at your discretion.

Do I have to be a member of APRA AMCOS or another Performing Right Organisation (PRO) to enter?
Songwriters who have no current PRO affiliation may apply. However we do suggest that if your original songs are being broadcast on TV/Radio, streamed or downloaded for sale online or performed live in a public venue, you should consider joining a PRO to ensure that you collect your songwriting royalties.

Can I apply if I’m an international artist?  
We recognise that both environmental issues and music are global and we hope to open to international entrants in future rounds.
2022 and 2023 are focused on start-up and scale-up in our home country, Australia, as a cultural shift is required to accelerate the adoption of sound environmental policy.
Please follow us on socials and join our mailing list (include your country on the signup form) to receive updates on future launches.

We would like to deepen our knowledge of the music and artists active in this space around the world.
If you are a recognised artist and have strong song you would like us to know about, please add it to our ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC DATABASE


How many songs can I enter?
A maximum of two. Choose your best and most aligned work.
Each song will need to be entered separately so we can collect specific information about that concept, composition, video and team.

I have a song but no music video, can I still apply?

No. We understanding that creating a video is complicated and expensive, and so not available to every artist, for every song. At this early stage, we’ve chosen to focus on music videos as they are strong, highly evocative and memorable communication tools that can watched and shared widely, thus reaching, touching and activating large audiences. 
We may open future rounds to songs without videos, and we also hope to build a strong list of environmental songs to share, so if your work is of high / professional quality, please add it to this form. We will be in touch if relevant opportunities come up. 

I have a music video, but it is not on Youtube, can I still apply?

No. The aim of the prize is to reach the maximum number of people with engaging environmental messages. Having a video that is freely available to watch and share enables us to embed it for voting, as well as media and impact partners and fans to share in their articles and newsletter when they are touched or inspired.  

Will The Environmental Music Prize own my song if I enter?

No, you will retain all rights to your song. We will share the link to your music video on YouTube on our website and with impact partners. Please review the Terms & Conditions before entering.

Do you accept live recordings?

Yes. Live recordings of high quality will be accepted.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)


What are the main criteria the Shortlisting Committee will assess?
They will be looking for compelling and memorable pieces of art that create connection and inspire action.
Key parts of this are: 

  • Ability to create a personal connection
  • Songwriting and lyrics
  • Visual communication through video and image  
  • Delivery and quality of execution
  • Ability to connect to an audience

Am I expected to re-share environmental campaigns?
We will host workshops and events that you are free to attend at your discretion.
If there is a strong link between the content or purpose of your song and the work of an environmental organisation in our network we may offer to provide an introduction, but you are under no obligation to accept or engage. 


Who is behind this prize? 
A not-for-profit entity called Environmental Music Limited. Directors are Edwina Floch, Matthew Dent and Christina Chun. See the About Us section for more information.
The initial funding for the 2022 Prize was provided by…
A few kind donors who believe in the power of music to inspire:
Edwina Floch, The Ferris Family,  Clare Ainsworth Herschell, Universal Music Australia, Graeme Wood Foundation
Probono Partners: Black Nova Capital, Paper Moose, Green + Simple, Byron Writers Festival


The Environmental Music Prize is community and philanthropically funded. However without further funding we will not be able to deliver on our bold vision to build an impact ecosystem where artists are rewarded, supported and trained to engage more strategically on environmental issues. 

We would greatly value your support:

  1. MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to increase the significance of the prize, build strategic partnerships and scale quickly.
  2. SUPPORT OUR CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN in exchange for exciting eco-conscious rewards.
  3. SPONSOR THE PRIZE or additional activities (Strategy and Budget available on request).
  4. VOLUNTEER YOUR SKILLS OR BECOME A PROBONO PARTNER to support our mission and accelerate impact.
  5. BECOME AN IMPACT PARTNER, COMMUNITY PARTNER OR INFLUENCER who share the playlist of shortlisted songs and environmental stories with your network.

Contact our Founder Edwina :